In case you were wondering what American Authors song I was talking about apparently it’s “Ghost” because they hand wrote the lyrics for metrolyrics and now the song is stuck in my head because I remembered the tune.

I can’t even listen to it over and over like I usually do when I get songs stuck in my head because it’s not released yet.

Anonymous whispered: How do you know Alexis? I go to OHS too

If you know the same Alexis I know, she used to do things at the theatre centre and we’ve been in a few shows together. 

How’d you know I knew her?

Love - American Authors

Lyrically I think this is my favorite song that they’ve released off of Oh What A Life so far.

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I’m just waiting for the song with the “eh” part at the beginning because Zac put the mic in my face and I sang that part but that is all I can remember about that song and I’ve been waiting for this song since November.

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If they are monsters, so am I.

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The only reason I’m not super sad about not being able to go see American Authors in March is because they played most of their new album on the tour with The Royal Concept so I’ve already heard all the songs live and I’ll make sure to see them next tour.

at least that’s what I’m telling myself, I’m actually really sad about it already


Staying up to watch snowboarding has basically become one of my personality traits by this point

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Throwback Thursday to when I had Ryan Kesler’s picture from the ESPN Body Issue on my wall.

Oh wait. It’s still there.

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Some people I’m excited about seeing at ‘roo

Yay ok that seemed like a lot when I was looking at the list but it’s not too many and some of them I can skip cause I’ll have seen 3 of them live already.

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